Sound installation

[ Human voice conducted algorithmically

Variable number of multichannel audio ]


Fluctuating Melisma is a sound installation developed by Elías Merino and Daniel del Río which seeks to make a new approach to choral music through composition and synthesis techniques based on computational algorithmic systems. In this light, its aim is to create a new perspective of choral composition and digital arts, as well as an experience and a listening situation born from the relationship between the human voice in choral format and the aesthetics and compositional perspectives of computer-generated music.


The installation has been designed through a huge specic set of original short recordings of a mixed choir, such as single notes, scales, structures, or harmonic progressions whose samples are placed in an exclusive algorithmic system designed for the piece. This system generates the composition autonomously and is diffused through multifocal spatialisation in a loudspeaker choir. This computational system is based in the hybridisation and interpretation of some principles of choral music such as Melismatic singing, Polychoral music, Madrigal, or Antiphona. This approach to the choral music not only generates choral structures and behaviours, which are recognisable, but also creates deconstructions ending in abstract and experimental sonic artefacts draw from the human voice. This project has been conceived to exhibit as an installation or live performance.

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