Un-ornamented and brutalist computer-generated sonic entities which try to replace the loudspeaker in listener’s perception making them emerge from the virtuality onwards. The lack of ornamentation is sometimes altered in the macrostructural level of the form, consequently, allowing to observe both levels of these immaterial presences, each single element, and the whole object through perspective variations.


They are slightly familiar but at the same time they remain uncanny: uncanniness makes it difficult for the listener to fully access an object's origin, and this helps the object to acquire some kind of state of ‘hyper realness’ challenging their causality for the perception. Due to these uncanniness, the listener is not able to exhaust their sonic characteristics as they appear ‘post-digitally physical’, allowing it in the end to remain ‘other’ or ‘xeno’.


Composed and recorded by Elías Merino between CeReNeM (Centre for Research in New Musics) and Madrid

Mastered by Juan Carlos Blancas

Liner notes by Tricia Kaneshiro

Design by Joe Gilmore-qubik studio


PURCHASE: https://superpang.bandcamp.com/album/synthesis-of-unlocated-affections

© 2021 Elías Merino. All rights reserved.