Sound  installation

[ Computer-generated sound

13.1x multichannel audio ]


The Nothing, Seeking Answers is a sound project created originally by Elías Merino, Daniel del Rio and Rian Treanor in 2014, based on a set of unanswered questions, conceptual reflections and hermeneutics about abstract computer music and algorithmic composition. Questions related with discrete and continuum morphologies, time elasticity and contraction, identity and identification in computer-based music, composition as ‘position’ through space exploration and narrative ruptures.


From these reflections, it aims to  find a meeting point, a dialogue or a conflict, converging in a single non-figurative container, the result of these branches.


The first installation was curated by Call & Response (London) in a 13.1 Genelec system, with 3 different sound installations.


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