Heterotopies VR


Elías Merino and Sergio Millán met somewhere in Madrid a few years ago. After some time sharing thoughts, they recently decided to create a container to dump similar concerns. These concerns have finally turned into a multidisciplinary adventure in its first stage. This project explores an uncertain speculative future based on a mixed imagery from noir cyberpunk, raw and unpolished aesthetics, postinternet, non physical divergent realities, and internet- generated identity disorder.

Their aim is to describe a particular vision of present and future as a synthetic reality based on a post- digital ontology, where dichotomies such as virtual/ real, fiction/truth, artificial/natural, material/immaterial are diffused. The last digital revolution finished when the Internet became a natural part of the contemporary subject, therefore they avoid terms like artificial and/or virtual, because for them, those are considered natural, real, and material in their own terms.

This is real, as real as your recurring thought of blowing your brains out; as real as the noises of nocturnal rain coming from your dream generator.

Heterotopies is a three-dimensional abstract space conformed by generative colossal audiovisual structures, in which the user will navigate through with a gamepad. Both visuals and music are subjected to to different processes: in the first process (hidden for the public) a computer vision system analyses and interprets the activity from the internet browser. The AI uses shapes, color, and movement to map, and create the appearance, colour and texture of the three- dimensional sonic and visual topologies. In the second process, these structures are reconstructed, relocated and their AV behaviour in space-time is guided by a realtime generative shading system. The result its an experience of an infinite potential realities.

This is a synthetic audiovisual space for those refugees from the real world, who accept that they are themselves another piece of junk from the digital wasteland.

WebGL version at Planet LEV : https://levfestival.com/20/en/planet-lev-matadero-app/