03-08/12/2023. SYNSPECIES residency at Node Festival.Modena, Italy. 28/11/2023. SYNSPECIES new project selected for the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists – EFFEA, an initiative of the European Festivals Association (EFA), co-funded by the European Union.01-06/07/2022. Artistic Residency with Rian Treanor at Gnration, Braga. Portugal. 20-27/06/2022. Artistic Residency with Rian Treanor at Etopia (Center for Art and Technology), Zaragoza. Spain. 07-20/03/2020. Artistic residency at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Taichung, Taiwan. 07/2019-2020. ARCADI Ile-de-France Arts Numériques project support. Paris,  France. 04/2019. Residency at L.E.V. Festival. 09/2018. EDIGMA Semibreve Award. Portugal. 09/2018. Finalist Lumen Prize (Moving Image category). UK. 2018-SYNSPECIES. ENCAC artist roster. EU. 20-26/05/2018. Residency at LEV Festival. LABoral, Gijon. Spain. 17-22/10/2016.Selected for MusicHacklab. MUTEK.Mexico [Cancelled for external reasons]. 01-10/11/2016. Artistic Residency.The Game of Life Foundation. (Wave Field Synthesis). The Hague, Netherlands. 15-25/06/2016. Artistic Residency (Guest Composer). EMS Elektronmusikstudion. Stockholm, Sweden. 11/2015. Selected and awarded with a  scolarship by ICMC (International Computer Music Conference). University of North Texas. US. [Cancelled for external reasons]. 01/2015.  Awarded with PhD full scholarship in Computer Music. University of Huddersfield. Uk. 09/2014. Artistic residency commissioned by Trendelenburg collective. LABoral, Gijón. Spain. 2013. Artistic Residency in CMMAS. Morelia,  Mexico. [Canceled for external reasons].

26/08/2024. SYNSPECIES presents Asbu [AV Performance], MUTEK. Montreal, Canada. 11/05/2024. SYNSPECIES presents Asbu [AV Performance], INDEX of Art and Technology. Braga, Portugal. 05/05/2024. SYNSPECIES presents Asbu [AV Performance world premiere], LEV Festival. Gijon, Spain. 08/12/2023. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] w/ goat, Ellen Arkbro, Bendik Giske, Caterina Barbieri, Space Afrika, Gabor Lazar. Node Festival. Modena, Italy. 20/10/2023. Multichannel diffusion, Akousma Festival. Montreal, Canada. 15/06/2023. Grievous Bodily Harmonics [AV Performance], Sónar Festival. Barcelona, Spain. 27/04/2023. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Sónar Festival. Istambul, Turkey. 26/11/2022. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], MUTEK. CDMX, Mexico. 12/11/2022. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], WeSA Festival. Seoul, South Korea. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] w/ Lucy Railton, Abul Mogard, Anthony Linell, Aho Ssan. OSA Festival, Sopot. Poland. 23-26/10/2022. SYNSPECIES [Turmoil of Vehementia, inmersive installation], LEV Matadero. Madrid, Spain.27/08/22. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], MUTEK. Montreal, Canada. 24/26/03/2022. SYNSPECIES [Spaceless Latitudes], Luna Nights (MAF), Leeuwarden. The Netherlands. 15/01/2022. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], European Capital of Culture opening ceremony. Novi Sad, Serbia. 13/11/2021. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Volumens. Valencia, Spain. 20-21/09/2021. Tatuar es cictrizar juntas [Comissioned light-sound installation for Proyecto Memento] Los Veranos de la Villa, Conde Duque. Madrid, Spain. 08-25/07/2021. Heterotopies [ Interactive Audiovisual Installation]. LEV Festival. Gijon, Spain. 20-27/06/2021. SYNSPECIES [Screening]. NeoshibuyaTV x New Media Art. Tokyo, Japan. 20/11/2020. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Mapping Festival. Geneva, Swtizerland (cencelled due COVID-19). 03/10/2020. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Curtocircuito, Galicia. Spain. 24-27/09/2020. Heterotopies [ Virtual audiovisual installation]. Matadero Madrid-Online-Steam. L.E.V. Festival. 18/03/2020. [Sound Performance]. C-Lab,Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab Taipei, Taiwan (canceled due Covid-19 outbreak). 15/03/2020. Synthesis of Unlocated Affections: thingness. [Sound Performance]. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Taichung, Taiwan. 12/03/2020-07/2020. Synthesis of Unlocated Affections for ambisonics. [Sound installtion for ambisonic system]. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Taichung, Taiwan. 07/02/2020. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], NEMO Biennale. Philharmonie de Paris. Paris, France. 10/12/2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance]. Kino Šiška, Ljubljana. Slovenia. 23/11/2019 SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] w/Holly Herdon, Martin Messier. Festival Tentacular. Madrid, Spain. 31/10/2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] w/Klara Lewis, Sonica. Glasgow, Scottland. 01/ 10/ 2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Lunchmeat Festival. Prague, Czech Republic.11/08/2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance]. Kamfest, Slovenia. 03/05/2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] , World premiere.L.E.V. 2019. Gijon,  Spain. 21/11/2018. HCMF (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival), Yorkshire, UK. 03-06/11/2018. SYNSPECIES [Spaceless Latitudes] Luza Festival. Algarve, Portugal. 26-28/10/2018. SYNSPECIES [Spaceless Latitudes] Semibreve Festival. Braga, Portugal. 26-29/04/2018. SYNSPECIES [Spaceless latitudes] L.E.V. Festival. Gijon, Spain. 29/04/2018. Ogive [Folds] Festival Ensems. Valencia, Spain. 06/10/2017. Causal variations for something like. [Sound installation] Centrul de Interes Museum. Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 08/09/2017. Causal variations for something like [Sound installation]. BIDFF, MNAC (The National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest). Bucharest, Romania. 06/09/2017. Akusmata Festival. [Sound Performance]. Akusmata Gallery. Helsinki, Finland. 26/02/2017. Electric Spring Festival. [Sound Performance]. With Richard Scott, Beatriz Ferreyra and Alex McLean. Huddersfield, UK. 11/02/2017. transmediale/CTM Vorspiel. Spektrum. [Sound Performance]. With Stefan Tiefengraber. Berlin, Germany. 03/12/2016. SONIKAS, International festival of experimental music With Roland Kuit and Peter Kutin. Auditorium Lope de Vega. Madrid, Spain. 16-17/07/2016. The Nothing, Seeking Answers: indivisible streams. Installation. Cafe OTO. With Francisco López, Olivier Pasquet, Daniel del Río and Rian Treanor. London, Uk. 05/2016. Multichannel presentation. leerraum showcase. With Zimoun, Richard Garet, D'incise, Collinding Fields and Yuzo Kako. CT-SWam, New York. US. 05/2016-06/2016. Hypergradients A/V installation in collaboration with Esstro9. Estado Abstracto. Ex Convento del Carmen. Guadalajara. Mexico. 4/2016. AVLab. Medialab Prado. Curated by GRS. Madrid, Spain. 03/2016. FUSE Art Space. With Tomoko Sauvage. Bradford,  Uk. 11/2015. Medialab Prado. Commissioned by CNI. Madrid, Spain. 12/2015. Processing. 43 Inverness street Gallery. With Jung in Jung, Sandra Ka and Phil Maguire. London, Uk. 02/2015. Electric Spring. With Robert Henke, Kasper Toeplitz and Isnaj Dui. Uk. 01/2015. The Nothing, Seeking Answers. Call and Response. With Rian Treanor and Daniel del Río. London, Uk. 12/2014.The Nothing, Seeking Answers. CADS. With Rian Treanor and Daniel del Río, Sheffield. Uk. 11/ 2014 – 03/2015. Diffused piece in ambisonic system curated by Audiotalaia . Gap in the Air VVAA. Talbot Rice Gallery. Edinburgh. 09/2014. Study#1 for Non-Objectified behaviour. Trendelenburg. Digital culture in public spaces. Old Oviedo’s jail. Asturias, Spain. 11/2014. SOUNDKitchen. Vivid Projects. With Nic Bullen, Chris Herbert, Antonio Roberts and Samuel Rodgers. Birmingham,  Uk. 03/2014. A few grams of red, yellow,  blue. Centre for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski. Warsaw, Poland. 2013 - Cine casi mudo. Casyc auditory. Santander, Spain. 2013 -  AE_Phenømenae. Con SAGAAN. VAciador34.  Madrid, Spain. 2013- La Escucha Errante. Zawp. Bilbao, Spain. 2012- Klangmaschine. With Esstro9. Espacio Trapecio. Madrid, Spain. 2012- NIños Consentidos . With Otra Carpeta and Leo Betinelli. Vaciador34. Madrid, Spain. 2012. MNCARS (Museo Nacional y Centro de Arte Reina Sofía). Madrid, Spain. 2012 - LPM. Planet  Alpheus. Roma, Italy. 2012- La Justa Entropía. Convent Sant Agustí. Barcelona, Spain. 2012 -  Uno Nueve Gallery. Madrid, Spain. 2012- Piovra. Utopic Us. Madrid, Spain. 2012-  LaboratorioKlem. Conservatorio de Música Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga Bilbao. Spain. 2012- El Sol St Gallery. Santander. Spain. 2012 - Simbiosis (MAS+) La Casa de los Jacintos. Madrid, Spain. 2012 - Artefactos (Nuhg + Grassa Dato) Eureka. Santander, Spain. 2011. Off_Hz. Valle Ortí Gallery. Valencia, Spain. 2011 - La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain. 2011 - Trendelenburg A/V Fest. (Nuhg + Ann Deveria + Proyecto Kevlar).Museo del ferrocarril. Gijón, Spain. 2011 - Fungus Cerebri Fest. (Nuhg + Astro (C.C.C.C.) + Scumearth + Vril Noise + Grassa Dato).Taberna Alabanda. Madrid, Spain. 2011 - Zeith (Nuhg + Grassa Dato + Equipo Elevador). La Faena II. Madrid, Spain. 2010 - Tabacalera. Madrid, Spain. 2009 - Paradis Artificiels ( Nuhg + Narcoléptica + Shorai) Coppola Club. Madrid, Spain.