Indivisible Streams


The Nothing, Seeking Answers: indivisible streams, is a sound installation project based on one speaker, featuring works by Elías Merino, Francisco López, Daniel del Río, Rian Treanor and Olivier Pasquet. The installation explores the distance between the listener and the object listened, giving to the sound a specific object nature in a single position, where the sound is based on minimalistic synthetic material, which acquires complex morphologies with non linear time developing.

The single speaker is linked to the idea of indivisibility unfolded in concrete abstract sound bodies, which are designed as an individual presences in a macrostructural level but fracturing the stasis through shape modifications over the time. Indivisible streams is interested in the idea of composition as a position and the idea of ‘when’ as ‘where’. Through these digital abstractions as a sculptural material, the installation builds a discrete entity, which is experienced as a unitary shape fused with the space and the listening, implicating the listener and creating a single presence in a big isolated point. This sound installation revises and explores the perceptual removal of different concepts such as objecthood, aesthetic distance or otherness.

Indivisible streams suggest a non-expectation listening state and a unitary meaning through a sound shape created by each artist in a special arrangement of one loudspeaker. The installation explores discrete and continuous states, physicality,  elasticity, repetition, contraction, time malleability through space exploration and narrative ruptures.