Photo credit: Olivier Pasquet
Elías Merino is a composer, sonic artist and researcher based in Madrid. His practice includes installation, composition, and live performance. His work drifts from algorithmic abstract computer music, to contemporary unusual electronics, and instrumental music; and explores time-perspective shifting, fractured narratives, immersive contemplation, states of bewilderment, otherness, and the uncanny.

He is also interested in different approaches related with speculative futures and fiction, post-digital materiality, object-oriented composition, and Posthumanities. Combining his personal activity, he is involved in collaborative projects. Elías is one half of the audiovisual duo SYNSPECIES w/ Tadej Droljc and half of Grievous Bodily Harmonics w/ Rian Treanor.

His work has been exhibited across Japan, the US, UK, Spain, France, Czech Republic, South America, Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Portugal, Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, Finland or The Netherlands. He has performed in festivals and venues such Sónar Festival (Barcelona and Istambul) MUTEK (Montreal and Mexico),  Philharmonie de Paris (NEMO Biennale), L.E.V. Festival, Semibreve, Cafe OTO, Lunchmeat Festival, HCMF (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival), Sonica Glasgow, MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art Rumania, La Casa Encendida, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Matadero Madrid, or MNCARS to mention a few. His recorded albums have been released in different labels including Room40 or SUPERPANG among others.

Elías Merino holds a Masters Degree in sonic arts and PhD in composition at CeReNeM (Centre for Research in New Music).

Melting Smile

This video is an excerpt from a new live work by Grievous Bodily Harmonics which was developed throughout a series of residences at Gnration Braga, Etopia Zaragoza & unusual spaces in South Yorkshire throughout 2022-2023.


SYNSPECIES is an audiovisual project created by Elías Merino and Tadej Droljc.  The project is inspired by virtual ecologies – unstable morphological spaces that emerge from a devastating interaction of co-existing unrelated entities with the void. This project emerged after several long discussions and conceptual drifts regarding virtual audiovisual objects, digital art paradigms, and narrative exploration. Based on these dichotomies, dialogues, and conflicts, the duo gave birth to the bases of an unique audiovisual language which framed SYNSPECIES.

The self-titled audiovisual performance SYNSPECIES explores unnatural oneiric fields  inhabited by multi-scaled audiovisual objects that are cross pollinating, mutating, adopting and fighting for their space and existence. They co-create a world of unreal physicality that is constantly kneaded by violent forces. Their existence appears to us as fractured narratives in the perceptual phenomena that resemble a chain of synchronised chaos.

SYNSPECIES feed on tangles made by computer-based code and analogue signals. They originate from algorithmic computer-generated sound, Stockholm’s EMS Buchla and Serge modular systems, and 3D geometry synthesis. The vivid abstract architectures of SYNSPECIES fluctuate in an ambiguous pulsating time, hybridising and shaping new spaces confined in a perpetual disintegration process. This project explores the states of bewilderment and the viscerality, framed in an sacred vastness.

Production: L.E.V. Festival
Support: Arcadi Île-de-France, ENCAC (The European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation), CeReNeM (Centre of research in New Music), Consortium OSMO/ZA.
Awards: EDIGMA Semibreve Award 2018 (Spaceless Latitudes), Shortlisted in Lumen Prize 2018 (Spaceless Latitudes)


03-08/12/2023. SYNSPECIES residency at Node Festival.Modena, Italy. 28/11/2023. SYNSPECIES new project selected for the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists – EFFEA, an initiative of the European Festivals Association (EFA), co-funded by the European Union.01-06/07/2022. Artistic Residency with Rian Treanor at Gnration, Braga. Portugal. 20-27/06/2022. Artistic Residency with Rian Treanor at Etopia (Center for Art and Technology), Zaragoza. Spain. 07-20/03/2020. Artistic residency at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Taichung, Taiwan. 07/2019-2020. ARCADI Ile-de-France Arts Numériques project support. Paris,  France. 04/2019. Residency at L.E.V. Festival. 09/2018. EDIGMA Semibreve Award. Portugal. 09/2018. Finalist Lumen Prize (Moving Image category). UK. 2018-SYNSPECIES. ENCAC artist roster. EU. 20-26/05/2018. Residency at LEV Festival. LABoral, Gijon. Spain. 17-22/10/2016.Selected for MusicHacklab. MUTEK.Mexico [Cancelled for external reasons]. 01-10/11/2016. Artistic Residency.The Game of Life Foundation. (Wave Field Synthesis). The Hague, Netherlands. 15-25/06/2016. Artistic Residency (Guest Composer). EMS Elektronmusikstudion. Stockholm, Sweden. 11/2015. Selected and awarded with a  scolarship by ICMC (International Computer Music Conference). University of North Texas. US. [Cancelled for external reasons]. 01/2015.  Awarded with PhD full scholarship in Computer Music. University of Huddersfield. Uk. 09/2014. Artistic residency commissioned by Trendelenburg collective. LABoral, Gijón. Spain. 2013. Artistic Residency in CMMAS. Morelia,  Mexico. [Canceled for external reasons].

TBA/05/2024. SYNSPECIES presents Asbu [AV Performance], INDEX of Art and Technology. Braga, Portugal. 05/05/2024. SYNSPECIES presents Asbu [AV Performance world premiere], LEV Festival. Gijon, Spain. 08/12/2023. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] w/ goat, Ellen Arkbro, Bendik Giske, Caterina Barbieri, Space Afrika, Gabor Lazar. Node Festival. Modena, Italy. 20/10/2023. Multichannel diffusion, Akousma Festival. Montreal, Canada. 15/06/2023. Grievous Bodily Harmonics [AV Performance], Sónar Festival. Barcelona, Spain. 27/04/2023. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Sónar Festival. Istambul, Turkey. 26/11/2022. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], MUTEK. CDMX, Mexico. 12/11/2022. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], WeSA Festival. Seoul, South Korea. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] w/ Lucy Railton, Abul Mogard, Anthony Linell, Aho Ssan. OSA Festival, Sopot. Poland. 23-26/10/2022. SYNSPECIES [Turmoil of Vehementia, inmersive installation], LEV Matadero. Madrid, Spain.27/08/22. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], MUTEK. Montreal, Canada. 24/26/03/2022. SYNSPECIES [Spaceless Latitudes], Luna Nights (MAF), Leeuwarden. The Netherlands. 15/01/2022. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], European Capital of Culture opening ceremony. Novi Sad, Serbia. 13/11/2021. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Volumens. Valencia, Spain. 20-21/09/2021. Tatuar es cictrizar juntas [Comissioned light-sound installation for Proyecto Memento] Los Veranos de la Villa, Conde Duque. Madrid, Spain. 08-25/07/2021. Heterotopies [ Interactive Audiovisual Installation]. LEV Festival. Gijon, Spain. 20-27/06/2021. SYNSPECIES [Screening]. NeoshibuyaTV x New Media Art. Tokyo, Japan. 20/11/2020. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Mapping Festival. Geneva, Swtizerland (cencelled due COVID-19). 03/10/2020. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Curtocircuito, Galicia. Spain. 24-27/09/2020. Heterotopies [ Virtual audiovisual installation]. Matadero Madrid-Online-Steam. L.E.V. Festival. 18/03/2020. [Sound Performance]. C-Lab,Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab Taipei, Taiwan (canceled due Covid-19 outbreak). 15/03/2020. Synthesis of Unlocated Affections: thingness. [Sound Performance]. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Taichung, Taiwan. 12/03/2020-07/2020. Synthesis of Unlocated Affections for ambisonics. [Sound installtion for ambisonic system]. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Taichung, Taiwan. 07/02/2020. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], NEMO Biennale. Philharmonie de Paris. Paris, France. 10/12/2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance]. Kino Šiška, Ljubljana. Slovenia. 23/11/2019 SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] w/Holly Herdon, Martin Messier. Festival Tentacular. Madrid, Spain. 31/10/2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] w/Klara Lewis, Sonica. Glasgow, Scottland. 01/ 10/ 2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance], Lunchmeat Festival. Prague, Czech Republic.11/08/2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance]. Kamfest, Slovenia. 03/05/2019. SYNSPECIES [AV Performance] , World premiere.L.E.V. 2019. Gijon,  Spain. 21/11/2018. HCMF (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival), Yorkshire, UK. 03-06/11/2018. SYNSPECIES [Spaceless Latitudes] Luza Festival. Algarve, Portugal. 26-28/10/2018. SYNSPECIES [Spaceless Latitudes] Semibreve Festival. Braga, Portugal. 26-29/04/2018. SYNSPECIES [Spaceless latitudes] L.E.V. Festival. Gijon, Spain. 29/04/2018. Ogive [Folds] Festival Ensems. Valencia, Spain. 06/10/2017. Causal variations for something like. [Sound installation] Centrul de Interes Museum. Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 08/09/2017. Causal variations for something like [Sound installation]. BIDFF, MNAC (The National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest). Bucharest, Romania. 06/09/2017. Akusmata Festival. [Sound Performance]. Akusmata Gallery. Helsinki, Finland. 26/02/2017. Electric Spring Festival. [Sound Performance]. With Richard Scott, Beatriz Ferreyra and Alex McLean. Huddersfield, UK. 11/02/2017. transmediale/CTM Vorspiel. Spektrum. [Sound Performance]. With Stefan Tiefengraber. Berlin, Germany. 03/12/2016. 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